Hourglass Sea’s 2011 release, Return to the Crematorium, touches our deepest emotions building it into pure musical bliss.

Hailing from Bradford, Britain, Dean Bentley better known as Hourglass Sea offers eight superb tracks that’s hypnotically relaxing but at the same time demands you not to fall asleep.

A key-player in this album is its artistic freedom that focuses more about the instruments rather than other aspects. There are not many albums that can successfully pull this off but Hourglass Sea is one-of-a-kind.

Memory Eternal opens up with playful keys and rapid drum beats. The addition of high-pitched xylophone gives the listeners a magical sonic experience.

Jumping atop low, gritty synths, Crystal Kross delivers an edgier vibe. Rhythmic beats booms then slowly builds-up to a plethora of steady tunes and subtle keys.

Tracks like Tubbs & Crockett, L.A Lights, and Home Again showcase Hourglass Sea’s clever experimentation that focuses on ambient sounds and laid back rhythms. I love how these tracks ignite the every bit of the senses.

Life Infinite closes up with magnificent guitar strings that slowly evolve into an upbeat melody with a splash of hip-hop aesthetic.

All in all, I can’t help but strongly recommend Hourglass Sea’s Return to Crematorium as its ambient atmosphere allows each track to standout and decay into its own time.

The album is released under Chill Mega Chill Records as a pay-what-you-want/free download in Bandcamp.

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