Los Angeles-based duo The Peach Kings releases a new EP titled Mojo Thunder to treat fans of Americana noir.

Featuring four alternative indie pieces, Mojo Thunder is a follow-up collection to the band’s debut EP, Handsome Moves. The Peach Kings is the brainchild of Paige Wood and Steven Dies. According to their website, this cinematic garage rock duo weaves “sexy and relatable songs are the soundtrack for their intimate love story.”

Title track Mojo Thunder welcomes the ears with raw, textured guitar riffs that are layered with Wood’s sharp, sensual vocal delivery. Press play and let this vintage rock ensemble draw you into a state of musical bliss.

Next stop is Hold On, a pleasurable mix of syncopated drum beats and atmospheric vocals that sink deep into the skin to elicit some chills. Meanwhile, Say What thrives between the territories of rock and garage punk. Here, The Peach Kings treats us with some sensual electric guitar work while Wood churns out lines in hushed veracity.

Lastly, Be Around closes the EP in a layer of slow rock goodness. Press play and let the combination of electric guitars and rhythmic drum beats burn through your ears and touch your soul.

All in all, Mojo Thunder features The Peach Kings‘ strongest points: strong vocals and choice of genre that fits well with it. The mixture of the two creates solid alternative pieces that are well-thought out and precisely delivered to entice the ears.

Track List:
1. Mojo Thunder
2. Hold On
3. Say What
4. Be Around

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