Are you always distracted by your favorite social-networking site or game sites while working on some of the most important projects? Well, don’t worry because there are always tools to help you get focused – and here is a great example of one of such tools, Focal Filter.

Created by a group of indie developers (David Gelbart, Shan Naziripour and David Gong) the software is really well thought out and certainly needed by the present-generation computer wizards.

In a nutshell, Focal Filter is a free productivity tool that helps its users to focus by temporarily blocking distracting websites. After the block timer runs out, the websites are unblocked for the user to view again. But beware, if you add some of websites to your list and the urge to view them will come back before the time runs out, Focal-Filter will not allow you to change the clock. Now that is a very neat feature for all of those ready to give in and cheat just a bit. In this scenario, if viewing any site is of utmost important, the user will need to restart their computer and then only can the blocked sites be accessed before the stipulated unlock time. Even if the user decides to uninstall Focal Filter, the sites will remain blocked.

Blocking websites is also very simple, you can simply type in the web-address or copy-paste the website URL into the Block List box. The entire user-interface of the app is also very fluid and simple to say the least, no hunky-dory graphics and multiple tabs to play around with. This is highly beneficial to the casual users who just wants a point-and-click software with maximum functionality.

Overall, Focal Filter is a great utility freeware and a must try for all who just cannot get off the periodic notification check on Facebook, Twitter etc. On installing Focal Filter, few computers will need to install the Microsoft .NET framework to aid the entire functionality of the app. Focal Filter works with all the popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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