Kyle Wyss’ musical treat Chromatic Flights proves that it has a lot to offer. This solo project’s 2009 release entitled Sunset Bell crafts six tasteful tracks that’s too tempting to resist.

The album opens up with two gems: Passagrille (an interplay of keys and grand harmonies) and Sunset Bell (an electronically-heavy track with an amazing texture). There’s no denying in Wyss musical talent. He perfectly blended complex instrumentations, molding them into a unison of pure musical bliss.

Diamond Skull (Lucid Bus Cover) takes on an ornamental approach. Hand-clapping tunes and ambient melodies slowly builds into a multi-layered cake of dreamy music. One thing I like about this track is its precision and control. It takes a disciplined artist to control the amount of instruments you put into a track and Wyss have effortlessly done it.

A personal favorite, Cocomo’s Mirage exudes such glowing innocence. The duet of keys and drum beats slowly builds up throughout the whole track. The barely-there, whispering vocals paints a picture of someone lost in an unending wilderness.

Sunset Bell has a cinematic atmosphere thanks to its cleverly executed instrumentation and dreamy vibe. Chromatic Flights have succeed in making an overall feel to the album, touching even the smallest of our senses.

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