Learn 2 Speak is a Spanish teacher in your pocket.

Some people remember more information when they think of images others learn by hearing things repeatedly. For these reasons Learn 2 Speak combines effective visual learning and auditory repetition exercises to make you learn Spanish faster in a fun way.

Learn 2 Speak Spanish is now available for free via BitTorrent or on the Android Market

Each unit contains five lessons with listening, reading and image recognition exercises that teach you the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of useful phrases and sentences. A glossary is included with words related to the unit so that you can quickly use it for future reference.

The first unit is great for people who are completely new to Spanish, you’ll learn concepts related to greetings and how they are used during the different times of the day.

Learn 2 Speak has allowed FrostClick and FrostWire to distribute their first unit absolutely for free on the BitTorrent network. You can download it using the torrent URL or if you have FrostWire for Android installed on your Android device you’ll be able to see a promotional image when you first open the FrostWire app.

If you know the basics, then we suggest you try the more advanced units, however they are not free.

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