Any smartphone in the current scenario is in dire need of a smart and efficient File Manager. Dual File Manager XT is a highly sophisticated and easy way to manage files on any Android device. Its a blessing for all users who have no idea how to sort and move tons of their apps, pictures, data files, videos to various locations without breaking a sweat.

Developed by Medieval Software, the same people who have brought the “Bluetooth File Transfer”, the Dual File Manager XT is a definite must have.

The app takes security very seriously; it supports legacy 2.0 and AES with 128, 192 and 256-bit data-encryption. Moreover, users can now pack and unpack ZIP files on-the-go (with additional ability to encrypt data with a password) right on the device itself.

The biggest thumbs-up for this app is its user-interface. Non-cluttered, clean and very fast; the app can certainly be customized according to the users needs. Apart from this, the app boasts of the most fast file browser on any smartphone or app.

The app manages files very efficiently and throws up a plethora of options to manage files, like Rename, Delete, Move, Copy, Move, Copy, Create ZIP, Create GZIP, Create TAR, Share, Open As, and Item Information. Moreover, the file manager features a double-window browser that helps in fast moving or copying files between different location paths on the device.

Other features include, hide/unhide media on device, share single files or an entire path, desktop folder shortcuts, calculate MD5 and CRC32, streaming service, multi-language support, test and check archive integrity (deflate) and various other features that can be explored as used.

Overall, a really neat and great app with efficiency integrated in every part of the features. Dual File Manager XT being a free app is heavily dependent on adverts, users who get bogged down with in-app advertisements can purchase the Medieval Licensing System which eliminates all adverts.

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