Very recently NFC has made a stir in the world of smartphones by boasting of sharing data wirelessly without any clicks. It is like magic, whereas two devices just need to be bumped against each other and Voila! the content is transferred. Well, every handset does not have NFC chips, so to get the cool quotient on your Android and iOS, it is time to download Bump.

Brought to life by Bump Technologies, Inc., a Top Developer on the Android Market, the team has created a masterpiece in the form of the Bump app and have truly brought about the feeling of owning an NFC enabled device to all non-NFC users.

The Bump app works very seamlessly without any hassles and beating-around-the-bush. The user-interface is very clean to say the least and first-time users will not face any hassles in setting-up their own personalized card as well. The app works very well and at first instance, it is a joy to use it and share content with compatible handsets.

On firing up the app for the first time, users have the option of setting up their personalized card. This card includes a picture, mobile number, various email accounts (work, personal, casual), job title-organization, webpage address, home address, and work address. This information is displayed under the My Card tab in a business card format.

The ‘Photos’ tab includes all the pictures in the gallery, irrespective of the folders the pictures are situated in. Further, the app also gives users the option to take a picture right from the app and then share it. The other tab in-app is the Contacts app which allows users to bump and share contact cards in a jiffy.

Last, but not the least. Bump brings in all the apps installed on the device and then users can share app links without the hassles of searching for the app in the Android Market or App Store. Overall, the app has a very sweet user-interface. Just activate Bump on two devices and share content without any clicks to your hearts content. A personal rating of 4-out-of-5 stars. Happy Bump-ing.

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