Born From a Shore’s five track EP, Friends, is a luscious indie folk pop compilation filled with twinkling background sounds and cool vocals. Although it’s hard to find information about this group, (I think they’re French) their EP is still worth listening to.

Friends comes with 5 catchy tracks that incorporates a cool pop, sometimes laid-back jazzy kind of vibe. The vocal harmonies are excellent and the quality of the recording is quite good as well. It’s very clear and crisp; very professional.

Go ahead and take a listen to this wonderful EP. It’ll take you to a dreamy landscape filled with wonderful strings, awesome melodies and sweet vocals. Opening with title track, Friends, the album easily sets the mood for a peaceful melodic pop that features random chimes. This is one of the upbeat tracks in the record and it’s easy to fall for music like this. The harmonies are excellent and definitely showcase the group’s skills in creating an interesting pop flavor. On the other hand, Through the Mountains, is a dreamy track that definitely helps you picture what it would be like if a band took their entire set and played on top of some mountain. It’s breezy and filled with an enchanting atmosphere.

Another must listen track (and one of my personal favorites) is the melodramatic and quiet track, Oh Son. The song is filled with a moody atmosphere that makes me think of wood nymphs prancing around the forest.

Overall, Friends is a delightful album that’s perfect for warm cozy nights in front of the fireplace or just a cool, relaxing afternoon with friends and family.

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