Ready for some explosive eletro pop? Slowdance‘s debut EP Light & Color is a mirror reflection of the group’s hip and funky sensibility.

Slowdance is a five-piece, Brooklyn-based band composed of Quay Quin-Settel (Vocals), Kyle McKeveny (Guitar), Thomas Quigley (Bass), Luke Fox (Synth), and Sam Koppelman (Drums). Released last September 21, 2011, the album offers four teasing tracks of energy filled pop tunes.

Intro track Cake approaches the ears with a glam rock aesthetic. Quay’s sweet vocals blends well with the rhytmic tunes and grungey guitars.

Following with more ambiance while maintaining the band’s vintage flair, Sweetness is the perfect soundtrack for that sunday brunch. The slight hint of bossa nova in the vocal delivery sets a soothing and sunny mood to the track.

Spell highlights enchanting vocals coupled with a steady chorus and low-strumming guitar hooks. Alternating with another french song, Les Reines transports you to soothing sound scapes and mornings over coffee. Cuddle up and let this sonic gem warm your senses.

Slowdance has showcased immense talent and potential in creating this collection. The finesse, control of instrumentation, and energy in Light & Color EP  will make you want to listen to it, even after repeats.

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