If you are hungry for those gentle roasters, deep-toned hefty tracks with an enthralling beat, slow down dove by Steel Tipped Dove just landed from heaven to your playlist.

Steel Tipped Dove’s real name is Joe, a Brooklyn-based producer who was originally from upstate New York. Steel Tipped Dove had previously worked with hip-hop artists, such as Big Baby Gandhi.

In this EP, Steel had a great idea to go back in on some older instrumentals, and slow them down and revamp them to incredibly stylish yet accessible mixes.

Boasting with a hefty set of fourteen tracks, the EP opens up with Stromatolitic, a cathartic work of a genius. The beat of the drums adds to the penetrating atmosphere of the track.

Heavy dragging bass sounds intensifies Flamme. There was a part at the middle where the hook suspends for 2 seconds then again strikes heavily. This gives the track a more sharp and reverberating impact.

Ophitic keeps up with the sensual tempo of the EP. The combination of smooth and euphoric beats elicit a pleasurable listening experience.

If you are looking for something inventive that veers from the typical mixtapes, then slow down dove is here to satisfy your ears.

Track List:
1. Crenulated
2. Granophyric
3. Botryoidal
4. Peloidal
5. Stromatolitic
6. Adcumulate
7. Schistose
8. Vitreous
9. Tuffaceous
10. Leucocratic
11. Fiamme
12. Equigranular
13. Decussate
14. Ophitic

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