Do you feel it’s about time for some old-school 2D action? Yes, me too. So here it is, an indie RPG that provides an exciting gameplay with very decent graphics. Spirit Engine 2 is the sequel to the original Spirit Engine released in November of 2003. The sequel, however, features a whole new world, new characters, revamped graphics, and an all new game engine. Players who played the orignal version will certainly experience an overall better gameplay.

The Spirit Engine 2 was developed by Natomics Studio under Mark Play, who also drew, wrote and programmed the entire game; depicting a fantasy world with evil nemesis and various hurdles that come in the way of the main characters.

The entire game plot revolves around an extensive map that houses nine distinct chapters. Players can initially choose from a grid of nine different party members, with 3 per class and personality type. Players have the freedom to choose any class of character they decide, so it can be either Knight, Marksman, or a priest. There are a total of 9 player characters and 2 rare characters in-game.

Players are also put in a place called Lereftain which is under a peace treaty with the neighboring Yaegara nation. The continent of Medea is controlled by the tentacled, psychic Rakari, who is accepted by most humans, including the Lereftese Parliament, but some doubt his motives due to his mysterious behavior patterns. The Rakari also function as a peacekeeping force by removing criminals from the population. The three characters are brought together after witnessing an unexplained murder by a cult called the Keepers, and set out to discover the actual motive of the Keepers’. In the process, they discover a political plan inclined to wage a war between the two countries.

The Spirit Engine 2 has been developed in such a way, that the entire battle system now functions in real time with improved interface, greater control over characters and action synchronization controls for more realistic battles. Also, characters attack automatically. Battle can be easily configured to speed up, slow down, or paused according to the players choice.

Overall, the game is great and can provide an awesome relief from the conventional HD gaming experienced these days. The specs required for the game are very basic and any new age PC can just blaze through it, providing a lag-free gameplay throughout the play-time. 2D hardcore fans, this one will make you smile.

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