dodTired of those usual MMORPGS that make you pay every month just so you could access their servers? Don’t look any further. Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is absolutely free to play.

You can rip your enemy’s skull with your blades, or smash them with your bare fists. However you want to kill those monsters is all your decision; everything is your move, everything is your action.

Download the game, create your character and level up away to elite status without having to pay for anything or even passing your credit card numbers.

Dungeons and Dragons Online bring out the most realistic battle system in most online games. It allows you not only to kill monsters, but also to find hidden treasure and search or evade traps that were hidden an ancient race – all in the online world of Eberron. You can team up with other human players, or choose to play alone.

It also has a DDO Store where you can spend Turbine Points for premium items like potions, extra character slots, unique character customization and many others.

One good thing about DDO is that they give you Turbine Points as you level up. However, you also have the choice to buy Turbine Points via credit cards and PayPal. So technically, this is a free MMORPG with an cash shop. But hey, you won’t have to buy since you can always earn it in-game.

You can choose among different races for your character, namely:

  • Warforged – living wood and metal; naturally immune against plagues
  • Drow – the dark cousins of the elves; has innate spell resistance
  • Dwarf – very tough and sturdy; naturally resistant to a number of magic
  • Halfling – very agile; good at hiding, throwing weapons and are lucky
  • Elf – has very high dexterity; can spot hidden enemies and traps
  • Human – very versatile and can learn many abilities as they level up

There is also the option of being a DDO VIP with added benefits, and a monthly grant of Turbine Points. However, spending in this game is entirely up to you;  it is your decision and nothing is required.

So if you are ready to play and you think you can beat other people from all over the world, then download away! Prepare yourself and pummel your way to victory in the world of Eberron.

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