Clearly a band that loves to play their music loud, Vanisher is a five-piece metal crew from Ridgeway, Virginia.

Unbound is the band’s 2012 debut release featuring their resident wailing vocals, double bass kick drums and some really sweet guitar riffs.

Fans of the band since their first (and short) EP, Buried Alone, will certainly enjoy this one. Showcasing tighter performances and generally more polished tracks, it seems the band is poised to take their place in mainstream rock metal’s history.

Vanisher might not be a household name just yet but these guys have already mastered balancing melody with the insanity of metal. Coupled with emotive lyrics, the boys end up creating a sound that takes most metal bands years to get right.

Unbound is filled with catchy cuts from start to finish, each one resonates with riffs you could taste. Deceiver, for instance, is a track that has all the qualities of radio ready metal song. Opening with a wailing guitars, to rolling drums and great vocal work, listeners are in for a good ride. Cuts like, Seven Years Buried, and, Blood Red Sky, also stand out in an album that’s beaming pure metal goodness.

When you listen to the record, you’ll recognize how each instrument and part actually contribute to create a strong track. No one is hogging the spotlight plus, coupled with solid compositions, each cut becomes a standout on its own. Mainstream metal lovers won’t have trouble enjoying this one.

The best part is that all this sweet mayhem is available at a name-your-price option at their BandCamp. Take a break from your dreary work and enjoy some good old rock metal from Vanisher.

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