Brutal Chase, published by Mutant Bear Games, is an exciting smash ‘em up racer for Windows Phone 7. The premise is basic: you’re a cop and you have to get behind the wheels of a police car. Your goal is to ram your patrol car against the criminal’s vehicle until they can’t drive anymore. That’s right; no pulling over or reading of rights; just bash them into submission.

The game has some responsive controls, which is good because it’s fast paced. You can choose from a virtual joystick or tilt steering. The default steering settings are fine, but you can also modify the sensitivity. There is a turbo and brake to help you better control the patrol car. If you are having trouble controlling the vehicle, just make adjustments here.

The game’s menu has the following options. You can play the game, view your achievements/medals, enter the game options and take a look at the online leaderboards. The game settings include making adjustments to the game controls and sound.

Brutal Chase takes place in half a dozen cities. As you progress in the game, additional levels will be unlocked. You need to chase and crash the bad guys’ car before you run out of time. A damage bar is set over your target so you know how much damage you have inflicted. It also helps you tell it apart from civilian vehicles. An additional challenge comes from those bystanders. You must not hit them, because your car sustains damage.

Brutal Chase is for those who want uncomplicated racing games. If your idea of fun is running after and crashing cars, grab this one.

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