How fun can it be to take care of a bunch of fishes? The fact is, it can be quite entertaining, not to mention addictive. TapFish is perfect for any person who has always dreamed of owning and taking care of a fish minus the manual cleaning of the tank and whatnot. The game instead, lets you take care of your own digital fishes right on your iPod device.

It was developed by BayView Labs Inc. and it allows you to buy, sell, feed, and even breed your very own virtual fish. It’s like carrying a pocket fish tank with you at all times! This is one of those games where you have to be dedicated in taking care of your pets, otherwise, you’ll find them floating, bottoms up, in the water.

Even though the game is offered absolutely free, it does provide plenty more features for the paid or full versions. This doesn’t mean though that you can’t enjoy playing the game in its free stage. In fact, it’s quite a lot of fun to play. If you remember the Tamagochi phase from Japan, this one capitalizes on that same concept.

Basically, you have to become the owner/caretaker of an aquarium filled with fishes. It’s your job to take care of them. Feeding them, cleaning the fish tank, breeding and selling them are only some of the things players will have to do. Gameplay for this one is pretty slick. Thanks to the touch screen capacity of the devices, it’ s quite easy to feed the fishes at a simple tap of a button.

Graphics are also top notch. For a free game, it offers high quality 3D- like graphics which players can enjoy. Almost anybody can play TapFish, it’s perfect for both children and adults. Little ones can enjoy looking at the colorful graphics. They can also learn more about responsibility and what it means to take care of a fish.  Meanwhile, adult players will simply enjoy the game because it’s fun. It also serves as a nice stress reliever.

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