Shadow Fight 2 from Nekki Games is the mobile version of the well-known browser fighting game, and it’s got a nice mix of RPG and action plus smooth animation. This is in the mold of classic fighting games like Mortal Kombat as it is in 2D, but apart from beating your opponents you can also upgrade your armor and expand your fighting skills.

The silhouette-style gives the game a unique look and the physics-based fighting adds another dimension to the fighting. Controls have been simplified as well as you have a directional stick and buttons for kicks and punches. Tapping the buttons in different ways allows you to perform many combinations, and you’re going to require them against the big bosses.

The more matches you win the more weapons upgrades become available, and your character will learn new fighting skills as well. However, the fighting style you develop also depends on the type of weapon you’re using. To choose a weapon, simply use the money you earn from winning and buy one from the in game shop. Just like with a typical RPG, you gain experience with victories, and you could get other bonuses like extra power in your hits and strikes.

Shadow Fight 2 also boasts of a huge world, and apart from the big bosses at each one, you can participate in a tournament where you have to beat more than 20 opponents. Any way you look at it, Shadow Fight 2 offers plenty for lovers of the classic fighting game.

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