You might listened to her beautiful voice before as Sea Oleena appeared on FrostClick more than once. This Canadian songstress combines ambient calm with blues and lo-fi tones. The bass, piano, and the violin encompass her voice with subtle notes with a rather rare touch. If you are looking for a record to get lost in, to reflect to, or simply to wonder the streets with – Shallow is just one for you.


Her music brings the listeners to a sudden stop – something you can see the most in the comments received on her bandcamp page, like this one from Gabrielemenopee:
“It’s like a slow sunrise from the eyes of a dripping icicle. Soft palettes of orange and blue emerge from her mournful melting textures, hugging you close even as you disappear into it all. Before you know it, you’re in the middle of a dream where you can breathe underwater, falling and falling with no end in sight.”

There isn’t a lot of music that takes you to that other dimension, where your thoughts and feelings multiply and you look at the world around you just as a director looks through the lens of a camera. So go ahead and download the album. You won’t regret it.

Track List:
1. if i’m
2. shallow
3. to hold
4. shades of golden
5. everyone with eyes closed
6. vinton, la
7. paths

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