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Actraiser’s Phantomile EP is a resurrection of sorts for Cut Music. After taking a mini-hiatus, they’re back with an explosive and equally catchy free EP for all of you electro ambient obsessives out there.

Bristol-based producer Actraiser delivers an magnetic five track compilation that flourishes with mystical dubstep tracks while sticking to classic ambient rhythms and beats.

This the first for the artist and as expected from previous Cut Music recordings; it’s setting great groundwork for future releases.

Actraiser creates music that’s suitable for creating atmosphere while at the same time comfortable to groove to on the dance floor.

Like most Cut Music releases, this one only features a few tracks but each one presents some of the best from the artist. Starting slow and melodic, title-track Phantomile, opens the EP. Infused with a subtle tribal hypnotic vocal loop and a steady flow of synths; the song is ethereal and conveys a dark yet calming image. Meanwhile, Gryzor steps up the tempo a bit and provides a more dance club worthy rhythm.

The rest of the tracks complete the compilation. Listeners get a nice mix in Shadow Boxing; ambient jungle beats in The King is Dead, and a subdued ending track in, Walkers.

Actraiser definitely knows how to set the mood and create a sonic paradise that’s worth exploring. Get your hands on this right now and also check out the other Cut Music releases we’ve recommended here on the blog. It’s well worth it.

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