Cut Music

Koloah: Love EP

Another intriguing release from one of the most active electro ambient netlabels today; Cut Music is showcasing Kiev producer, Koloah, and making his latest effort Love EP, a part of their 2012 roster. The label has been sharing one great compilation after another and this is the 11th release from them. Most of their compilations have gained considerable attention and it's not hard to see why. In fact, several of these EPs were also also featured right here on the Frostclick blog.

Actraiser: Phantomile EP

Actraiser's Phantomile EP is a resurrection of sorts for Cut Music. After taking a mini-hiatus, they're back with an explosive and equally catchy free EP for all of you electro ambient obsessives out there. Bristol-based producer Actraiser delivers an magnetic five track compilation that flourishes with mystical dubstep tracks while sticking to classic ambient rhythms and beats. This the first for the artist and as expected from previous Cut Music recordings; it's setting great groundwork for future releases.

Roughquest: Hybrid EP

Coming in as the 12th release from the Cut Records roster, Roughquest and its Hybrid EP is certainly living up to expectations. Hailing from Berlin, "James brings us some strong experimental bass-weight in the form of the three-track Hybrid EP." Exploring dub step, techno and infusing it with tribal as well as world music; the three-song EP is a hodge podge of grooves and synths inside out. You'll find plenty of interesting moments here.

TOTTE: Spending My Days EP (Cut Music)

Time and time again Cut Music has proven that if you ever need a fix for some ambient electronic dub compilation, they're the place to visit. One of their latest offerings is this three song piece from Swedish producer, Totte Stankovich or simply Totte. Spending My Days EP provides a solid soundtrack for those chill out summer nights where you'd want to relax and party all night long. He's included three of his personal favorite tracks to share with his fans in this compilation.

DFRNT: Actaeon EP

Continuing on with their bevy of strong releases, Cut Music debuts their tenth compilation album. This time it's from Scottish producer DFRNT. Known for his minimalistic style, the artist has created a record that includes 3 originals and 2 remixes. Actaeon EP comes with a collection of 5 tracks that resonate with cryptic drum and bass that ebbs and flows beautifully. Coupled with the occasional vocal sample and ethnic instrumentation, the record is a moody compilation that crosses boundaries.

Existance: Miles Apart EP

Greeting 2012 with a free release, Cut Music is offering a brand new mini EP. Injecting a slightly new feel compared to their usual releases, Miles Apart EP from Existance, slightly exudes a more R&B electronic dubstep feel. This short 3-track compilation features smooth rhythms and hypnotic vocal samples. Although it's short, the tracks in the record are easily likable, thanks to skillful mixing and just a knack for creating some fine, easy-listening beats.

Sigmafly: Tetrachrome EP

Ever since their start, Cut Records has become a musical haven for anybody looking awesome electronic ambient releases. The best part is that each of their releases is available as a free download or exchange the download for a tweet. It's really a great treat to have. This time around, they're featuring Sigmafly's first release under the label, Tetrachrome EP. Filled with 7 moody electronic singles; it mixes atmospheric beats with carefully chosen samples. Sigmafly is the moniker for Manchester-based Tom Holmes. For this compilation, he incorporates various aesthetics, even borrowing from Cut artists like Great Skies to create this stunning piece that should be worth checking out.