The All-About is a New York based band headed and maintained by Zac Coe producing music that caters to the pop, soul, and punk genres. Synthesizers and percussion are also heavily used in their soundtracks to incorporate a modern touch into the traditional band music mix.

Winterpop contains 11 well-written songs that tackle the classic teenage drama love scene without the corny clichés. The perfect combination of Zac’s dulcet voice and the band’s slow paced rhythm yet upbeat tempo gives you an Owl City type of feel.

To start things off, Feel Weird Hit of the Winter is a 3 minute and a half song that immediately showcases the band’s capability of creating synthesized sounds that soothes the senses. A distinct feminine voice is also injected throughout to add a little bit of cuteness to the track. It has a very catchy tune that will surely stick to your mind for quite some time.

Post Break-Up Texts tells the story of how a couple manages their sudden drive of emotions after recently breaking up. It was sung in an overlapping duet style to give each side the chance to narrate their experiences. The effect is rather a harmonious and sweet love story.

(So Important) seals up the album with a pure piano ensemble coupled with stripped-down vocals. Press play and let this chill song accompany you on a cold evening.

Winterpop is all in all a captivating compilation of feel-good tracks that would linger in your mind and will give you a healthy dose of modern music mix.

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