Uncompromising style and individuality, The Morning After by Sunspot Productions is a hip hop album that exudes much mood and talent.

Stop, Breathe by Runna, C.Luk, and J-Dub opens the album with potent rapping and clean sexy vocals. Right Hook’s Too Long follows up with an experimental fusion of oriental strings and hiphop beat that’s really ear-catching.

A perfect pop soundtrack, We Found Love by Runna exudes raw energy and steady danceable tunes. Piano keys on the backdrops adds a saccharine flair to this upbeat gem. Take a Walk on the other hand features a lower and slower tune that tickles the senses.

Title track The Morning After ends the album with a catching drum and guitar ensemble. The almost-acapella vocals adds a soulful flair to the track.

For those seeking a steady hip hop experience, The Morning After is indeed a soulful treat. So download, press play, and let this collection fill that musical void.

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