If you find 3D graphics programs difficult, you might want to give Sculptris a try. The program was developed by Pixologic, the same company that made the popular ZBrush application. The difference is that Sculptris is free. Here you create 3D objects by painting them.

The software is also stable. In the event of a crash, the software will restart at the last state saved. Sculptris includes basic tools for the artist/designer (flatten. inflate, draw, pinch, crease, smooth, scale, rotate and move). There are inverse functions for each one. For example, the smooth function has a rough equivalent.

In Sculptris you have to complete the modeling process before texturing. For this reason, you need to make sure there are no errors in your model. This can be viewed as a limitation, but the tools provided help the modeling process.

Sculptris does not have as many features as high end 3D software, but it is an excellent program for those to digital art. With a lot of 3D programs, you have to focus creating geometric shapes, polygons and so on. With Sculptris it is more like sculpting. This approach makes it perfect for modeling organic figures.

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