Whenever anyone talks about Blackberry, the first thing that comes to mind is Business. Well, things have changed and this time around we are talking about HD gaming for the Blackberry Playbook. Yes, sometimes the big boys in suits also deserve a fair bit of fun. Need For Speed Undercover is one great racing game and it literally blows the Playbook to uncharted territory.

The game was developed by Electronic Arts Inc and was pre-installed on all the Playbook models. Electronic Art is name synonymous with gaming and they have produced and still produce some of the most award-winning titles for PC, Xbox, PS3 and Smartphones. Lets see how this popular game fares up in gameplay.

Need For Speed is a franchisee that took gaming to an all new level when first released for desktop, and they aim to do just the same with the smartphone platform. The game was specifically developed keeping the hardware of the Playbook in mind, which promises an amazing gameplay and it does not fail to deliver.

Need For Speed Undercover brings with it 8 race modes and all of them bring a challenging gameplay to the scene. The most famous of them being Head-to-Head Action, Highway Battle, and Cop Takeout. My personal favorite definitely is the Cop Takeout mode with a real adrenaline rush pumping throughout the gameplay.

Taking into consideration that the game was mastered for Playbook, people are quite skeptical about the graphic it will pump-out, but to everyone’s surprise, the Playbook throws up jag-free edges, crisp visuals, beautifully rendered cars and tracks, amazing car crashes, and sweeping camera angles. In short, visually this game is a gamers delight to say the least.

A feature that will blow away many Playbook users is the ability to play the game on HDTV. Yes, just hook the Playbook via the HDMI port to an HDTV and immerse within the bliss eye-popping visuals. Moreover, the controls are very responsive and do not feel tight at all (Unlike many touchscreen-only games).

Overall, Need For Speed Undercover is an amazing game with plenty game-modes to keep users busy for quite sometime. Moreover, the game brings a new dimension to the Blackberry world and helps the company to break away from the serious “Business only device” tag. All Playbook users must have this on their device and make the most of your Blackberry Playbook.

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