When your job gets too stressful, and you just want to shake off everything; take a mini break and play The Black Heart. This horror styled, macabre, beat ’em up game will definitely give you your fix. You don’t only get to release some stress with this game but the bonus is that it is visually arresting.┬áIn fact, I think it rivals most commercial games out there in terms of style and production values.

So sit back, relax, pick your favorite characters and start beating the hell out of your opponent in The Black Heart. The Black Heart was actually developed some years back by Argentinian game developer, Andres Borghi. After 7 long years, he finally created this fantastic game so that you fan boys and girls out there can enjoy it. Like most beat ’em up games, you get to choose from a host of characters; each of them carrying their own special moves. Characters beam with a sense of personality and the little details definitely make the game worth playing.

The visuals are stunning as mentioned and the gameplay is worth raving about as well. You get a complete line of special moves unique to each character. There are also various gameplay modes; enjoy single player games or go for all out carnage in multiplayer/team mode.

Some people might find the characters a bit off putting or a little too cartoonish but trust me, there won’t be much complaining anymore once you try this game out for yourself. Of course, it’s especially sweet if you have a taste for the macabre yourself since this game will simply make you feel right at home.

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