Frontline Commando D-Day is the successor to the original Frontline Commando that came out in 2011. However, this time around it has been enhanced with superior graphics and sounds. As far third person shooters go Glu Mobile sets a high standard for the iOS and Android. Adding to the sense of realism is the intro showing black and white footage of the war, although when the game begins it is in full color and smooth graphics.

The game takes place on D-Day during World War II, and the game really tries to fully captures the atmosphere of the time. All the weapon locations and character designs are very accurate and while the screen loads a mission, WWII trivia is displayed.

Frontline Commando: D-Day has 5 huge campaigns and over 140 missions. The graphics are impressive, particularly the beach levels, and the lighting is also very good. The touchscreen controls are very precise and the enemy AI is pretty good so it’s not like you are target shooting.

Frontline Commando

There are plenty of weapons to choose from such as bazookas, rifles, grenades and more. The more gold you can collect, the more powerful weapons you will be able to unlock. The gold is scattered everywhere so you can get the weapons you need here. While the gameplay in Frontline Commando: D-Day is challenging it does not reach the point that it will turn off the casual gamer.

Just like other many other free to play games for the iOS and Android, there are IAPs in Frontline Commando for those who want to pay real money to get weapons and other items. But this is optional and you don’t need them to play the game.

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