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It comes as no surprise that GateGuru by Mobility Apps LLC is one of the top rated apps for the iPhone and Android. Pertinent information like airport amenities, push notifications and data about flight is within your reach.

GateGuru has four modules namely Airports, High Flyers, Account and Trips. Most of the time you will be at the airport section. Its coverage is extensive; you can search the entire list, by city, airport code or location. Favorite amenities and airports can be bookmarked. You can even track your flights in real time.

You donít need to establish an account. But those who travel a lot and use social networks will benefit by creating one. Once your account is established, itís easy access to social media. Vital flight information is readily available. The reviews are among its most popular features. You can read what other people have to say about airports and their amenities. If you have never been to this or that airport and donít know where to eat, just launch the app. Youíll find not just reviews but also tips.


The High Flyers gives you info on the high flyers around the world. There is also a feature that allows you to filter friends on Facebook. If you register, Tripit or KAYAK itineraries are sent to you automatically. The convenience this offers is immense.

GateGuru keeps your Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla or foursquare updated on your travels. Frequent flyers of course, can also take part in the High Flyers leaderboard program. It doesnít matter if you have been traveling for years or a new one, this app can prove invaluable.

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