There’s no shortage of real time strategy games, but many are simply clones of each other. Fortunately, Unknown Horizons is a notable exception. This 2D RTS game from the Unknown Horizons Development Team focuses on city building and economy, but it has a lot of extra features that make it stand out from the rest. It all starts with a small settlement, and from there you can expand into a powerful colony.

To build up your colony, you have to provide your people with goods and other necessities, and to expand you have to collect taxes too. As you come into contact with other colonies you must strike a balance between diplomacy, strategic trade and balancing the economy.

Unknown Horizons provides plenty of challenges even at the beginning. You begin with a ship full of settlers and you have to manage whatever meager resources are available to survive and explore the place. You must not only provide them basic necessities, but also the things they need to make a living.


Manage properly your colony and it will turn into a town with more and more residents. This will give you an opportunity to increase revenue, but you also have a lot more on your hands. You can also decide whether you want to live in peace with your neighbors, or build up a military, attack and conquer them.

The game graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay is smooth with no glitches. Once you get the hang of Unknown Horizons, you can set up residential and industrial sections, and also arrange your commodities for trading with other peoples. In short this is an addictive, compelling game.

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