Word Search Deluxe is a fun, fast word game for everyone. Published by Random Salad Games, the game has four difficulty levels and three game modes, so expect to play this one for a long time.

A classic mode for word games is available. But if you want something more challenging, try playing with a timer. In a timed game, you have to keep finding words to keep the timer running. Another mode provides only the first letter; the rest is up to you. These and other features make Word Search Deluxe addictive to play.

Available for Windows Phone, the game has multitasking support and fast loading times. If you re-launch the game and had it ongoing, it goes back to that same game. Apart from the auto save feature, it has statistics for performance tracking. It’s also easy to compare high scores in Word Search Deluxe.

In terms of gameplay, it boasts high quality presentation and precision controls. Word search games tend to lose luster after a while. But this is different because of its multiple modes. You can spend a lot of time just browsing the word categories (over 150 of them).

Word Search Deluxe has support for Mango and pre-Mango phones. If you are new to the game, start at the easy stage and work your way to the expert level. You probably won�t have time to appreciate the graphics when playing with a timer, but it’s pretty good. The sound effects are also adequate. If you love puzzles, you may want to look at Word Search Deluxe. It won’t cost you a cent and it could lead to hours of fun.

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