Disaster Radioís website will blind you with psychedelic visuals and images which also roughly translate to the style of music he makes. Coming from New Zealand, Luke Rowell with his trusted computer abstracts high fashion electronic music that will transport you to a synthetic world of keyboards, beats, rhythms and melodies.

Charisma starts off with You Win and its uniquely carved out sound that lets you create vivid pictures in your mind even with the absence of lyrics. Kids of 99 is a cold wave track based on filtered synth monophonic sounds, in front of vocals and drums.

Computer Whiz is a very minimal track where Disaster Radio tries on his experimental side; it has a catchy song progression with subtle insertions of acoustic elements. While No Pulse celebrates synth pop straightness with its melodic chorus, well-done vocals and machinated beat work.

Virtual Sunrise is very attractive and mostly calm which doesn’t leave the listener unfulfilled. And Charisma, is the sugar sweet album closer that wraps the eleven soundtrack compilation of electronic music goodness.

This album proves a wide taste for musically diversity and leaves enough room for several, similar interesting sounding follow-up releases.

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