PLEASE DO NOT EVER PAY A DIME FOR FrostWire. Below we show you some screenshots of sites that scam people into paying monthly, yearly, or lifetime “memberships” to nowhere. FROSTWIRE IS FREE

There isn’t any service to pay for, you’re basically sharing your files with other people, that’s all, there is no service behind organizing the content in anyway, you just search other people’s computers, therefore, you don’t need to pay anybody for memberships.

Song “Lens Flare Sky” by AudioGlider
From the Cologne Commons 001 compilation
Licensed under Creative Commons

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These sites even put video demos, with a model showing you how to search, download and burn.

They even go and distribute OUR own FrostWire and put links to our servers and then charge people monthly fees.

Please do not download FrostWire from other websites, only download FrostWire from the official site

There’s no such thing as subscriptions or monthly fees, or one lifetime fee, etc. Since we don’t provide a download service, FrostWire is just a client of the Gnutella Network which is a FREE network. doesn’t sell FrostWire, however it accepts voluntary donations from its users.

If you are a victim already, look for an invoice, you will see it doesn’t come from First try to contact the company that charged you (not and ask THEM (not us) for a refund, if you don’t succeed, then talk to your credit card company to open an investigation
What to do to get my money back?

Talk to the company that charged you, ask them for a full refund. The ONLY official distributors of FrostWire are , and
If a company other than FrostWire LLC charged you and they refuse to give you a refund, go to your credit card company or bank and demand an investigation for credit card fraud is started so you can get your refund

Hopefully if we get enough investigations against these fraudulent companies, they’ll loose their merchant accounts and they won’t be able to charge credit cards again.

So far we know that companies doing this are the following, and we are NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THEM in any way: <- FRAUD of the worst kind!!! MP3 Music HQ.Com Number One Music Inc with their site (which shows a cheap copy of the website to appear legitimate) DO NOT FALL FOR THESE FRAUD SITES PLEASE. IF ITS TOO LATE ASK FOR A REFUND OR GO TO YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD COMPANY.