Mason James is a talented musician hailing from San Diego. Using only his acoustic guitar and splendid voice to create music, this charmer released his EP entitled So I Pressed the Record last June 2013.

The EP was an epic ambition boasting of guitar harmonies powered by the creative lyrics.

Back to the Circus is an attempt to make music without following the typical rhyming tat the end of every phrase. As he has claimed, the song can mean many things, such as making a mistake and letting that mistake take over your life.

Dear Boy is a song about finding hope and finding home. The incredible meaning of the song was conveyed through good music.

On the other hand, If You Forget Me is a song taken from the lines of Pablo Neruda’s famous poem. Mason definitely knows how to spice up a well-loved literary piece.

An emotional and inspired album that ranks at its best. So I Pressed Record is a musical accomplishment, concurrently showcasing Mason’s talent, vocal confidence, and song writing skill.

Track List:
1. Back to the Circus
2. Dear Boy
3. Hold
4. Home
5. If You Forget Me
6. Letters
7. Pages
8. Trembling
9. Common Sense

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