Lego Digital Designer is a free program from Lego that allows you to play and build Lego on your computer. With this program you can build anything your mind conceives, the only difference from the real thing is that you don’t have to pay for it. It’s a lot of fun, and just as cool as playing with real bricks.

The software works like other design/graphics programs for Mac and Windows, as it allows you to connect bricks to each other, rotate them in any direction, turn your viewpoint 360 degrees and zoom in and out. Just like real with Lego you can take out the hinges so you can try different ways to put those pieces together.

All the basic Lego bricks are here, as well as other components like infrared sensors, jet engines and many more. A nice feature in Lego Digital Designer is the Brick Palette as it helps you manage those bricks as soon as they become numerous.

If you’re new to this, don’t worry as pre-built models are included so you can get an idea of where to start. And unlike real Lego bricks you can explode what you just created with a single click and have it reassembled with another click. The program also records the creation process so anytime you want to view something complex you made you can do so with just a couple of clicks.

After you are done creating your masterpiece, you can upload your creation and share it with other enthusiasts online at the official website. This is really a fun application, not just for kids but everyone who loves Lego.

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