RedNotebook is a simple program that allows you to record your thoughts and ideas through text and images. The program works like a graphical diary that allows you to write down what has happened in your day. It will also allow you to take down important notes, remind you of your schedule and plenty more.

If you have been looking for a software that will provide you with personal diary or organizer of sorts on your computer, then count on RedNotebook to do the job for you. Even though the program is fairly simple, it is also pretty reliable and gets the job done. If you just want something to keep track of your thoughts and ideas then this is the right program to get. As you type, the autosaving function works great so you don’ have to worry about having it disappear on you in case your laptop or computer power gets cut off.

The program has been updated recently and tweaked to include drag and drop support, markup highlighting, pdf export, auto completion, spell checks and more. It even has support for over 16 languages which is pretty helpful if you speak several tongues.

There are tons of other features in RedNotebook that users will find pretty helpful. Despite its simplicity, the program is a definite hit for all writers out there.

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