Precision is an interesting platformer from one of the most prominent indie game developers today, Cactus. This one’s about 3 years old but it’s still very entertaining to play. Basically, your goal is to jump atop several buildings while collecting green bottles along the way.

The game was initially created last 2008 and has gained quite a lot of fans, like most Cactus games often do. Taking a cue from the title, the game requires plenty of precision when it comes to helping the little dude get through each level.

As expected from the developer, this one pushes the box a little further and provides players with a little something more. Give the game a download by hitting the download link right now.

Jumping from one building to another might seem like a piece of cake but the fact is, you’re going to have to do a lot of hits and misses just to get the right trajectory and momentum to get to the other building. Precision requires a lot of patience as well because you will fall off buildings and die several times before you get it right.

As you jump, you get to see your trajectory path so you can adjust accordingly or take it into account once you try and leap over the succeeding buildings. There are seven levels included in the game, each one is a little more challenging than the other. Using the cursor keys controls your jump as well as your momentum. Changing the time of day from the screen is also possible by simply pressing the left and right keys.

The game might look simple, but it offers a good amount of challenge and needs a little bit of getting used to when prepping for the jumps. Soundtrack is really good and entertaining, plus it’s a lot of fun. Quite addictive and certainly worth your time.

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