Heavily influenced by the classics, expect to get some lo-fi psychedelic pop rock from this little compilation. Volume One comes complete with upbeat dirty strumming, fun singing and handclaps.

The threepiece is made up of Mike Kmiec on guitar/vocals/bass; Matt Eisle on vocals; and Tim Fassnacht on drums.

The Kinks, The Walkmen, Bob Dylan and John Lennon count as those among their diverse influences.

Proudly carrying that 60s and 70-style rock badge coupled with some gorgeous psychedelic touch, the band can easily convince listeners to enjoy their dream world.

Volume One carries tracks with a lo-fi garage style rock and a loose Midwestern feel. You’ll see this in title track, Cosmos and Desert Song best. With the chorus singing and the acoustic blues guitars, it’s easy to imagine yourself in some Western bar tapping your feet or head bobbing to the song while downing that classic mug of beer.

Fight for Your love, on the other hand, is  a real throwback to the early days of rock. You can bury this in a vinyl set of classic rock and you wouldn’t know the difference. The track comes with handclaps, slightly warbled vocals, melody and boxy guitars.

It seems Chicago has been brewing some of the best lo-fi garage rock bands as of late. (This is the third one I’ve come across in a month). The Cosmos Kids may have no interest in conforming to the mainstream but their sound is still beautiful and easily likable, especially for classic rockers out there. Grab the download.

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