Doylestown School of Rock: REVOLVER

Epic Albums: REVOLVER by the students from the Doylestown School of Rock is a collection of Beatles’ songs; an ambitious yet deserving EP full of suave urbane rock music. Knowing how Beatles’ made a legend out of their own talents, the songs they performed are truly worth reviving.

The Cosmos Kids: Volume One

Heavily influenced by the classics, expect to get some lo-fi psychedelic pop rock from this little compilation. Volume One comes complete with upbeat dirty strumming, fun singing and handclaps. The threepiece is made up of Mike Kmiec on guitar/vocals/bass; Matt Eisle on vocals; and Tim Fassnacht on drums. The Kinks, The Walkmen, Bob Dylan and John Lennon count as among their diverse influences.

Kings of the City: A FrostWire Special

With the advent of bands combining elements from different genres such as the rock scene and the hip-hop culture, mixing up guitar riffs with mad beats and free flowing lyrics, Kings of the City does a great job in standing out from the crowd. This London-based seven man group blends blues, rock-n-roll, hip-hop and grime like no other. A diverse group as theirs will surely cater to audiences who like unique sounds and have eclectic musical taste.

Morning Side: Modern Fit

Atlanta based quirky indie rockers, Morning Side brings you this 14 track melodic pop rock compilation. Modern Fit is the latest release from this quartet of Byron Long, Daniel Gelbaum, Will Thigpen and Joe Costanzo. Modern Fit easily fits on the post-emo, melodic pop rock genre with each track resounding in beautiful melodies, eloquent, at times cynical, lyrics and heartfelt vocals.