Patrick Jeffords aka Kid Trails is no newbie in the music industry. In fact, he has played for some of his popular and talented friends. He plays bass for the live band of dreamy indie electronic king Toro Y Moi. He also lent his talents to Painted Palms and hangs out with Chromeo. As a prolific solo act, he has been hashing out one project after the other.


Track opener Stay Awhile is a noise pop gem with a bit of dirt and grime in it. This lo-fi standout sticks to the winning formula: barely-audible vocals, grinding guitars but with a killer, thundering guitar line towards the end. That small detail added a punch to the track like a shot of espresso straight to the veins.

Whatyaneed is an infectious melody that feels and sounds like a hit straight from the past. This spacey pop track opens with an angsty guitar lick that is toned down by Jeffords’ voice. The song is beautifully restrained and sticks true to Kid Trails’ fuzzy, dark pop genre. If you want a mellow and smooth sound with a bit of darkness into it, watch out for this deftly driven artist.

Track List:
1. Stay Awhile
2. This State
3. You And Me
4. Whatyaneed
5. September

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