Perhaps one of my most favorite netlabels online, Aaahh Records is now back in full force. This time they’re bringing in tow something extra special for their listeners.

The gang spent one entire week renting a house in Denmark and inviting all of the bands in their label to come and visit; bring their instruments and simply jam as well as create beautiful music together. The result is the compilation you see before you, The Denmaaahhrk Compilation.

Expect nothing but fun times and great music in this album. You’ll hear from the likes of Keyboard Rebel, Bryyn and Entertainment for the Braindead (some of which have been featured on the blog.)

Living up to their reputation for releasing great quality indie folk pop music, this latest compilation doesn’t disappoint. Opening the record is Ronald’s House, a jaunty indie pop tune that echoes of nice sunshine-filled mornings and great company. Most of the other tracks are equally “happy-sounding,” with the occasional touch of quirkiness like in Zombie Girl as well as the occasional, quiet indie acoustic tracks like, Too Cynical and Next Room.

The nice thing about the album is that though there are quite a few artists that participated. They didn’t exactly do single tracks, but instead everyone contributed and collaborated in recording each song. This added to the cosy and warm atmosphere you sense throughout the compilation.

Denmaaahhrk Compilation is available as a free download but you can also show your support for the label and the artists by grabbing a physical copy. It’s available on a limited vinyl-look CD edition that come with a handful of goodies from the loving hands of the Aaahh records staff.

What are you waiting for? If you’ve always been a fan of the label or simply want something laid back to listen to, this would be a great piece to check out.

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