Coming from a small village just outside of London, there is less to be known about Uncle Ugs aside from the very fact the he creates acoustic pop music that settles in perfectly for bedside listening.

Let Me Be Your Battering Ram is a five track compilation debut that infuses the listener to a world-weary resignation coupled by the abstractness of love and rainy day hope.

Title track Let Me Be Your Battering Ram sets a determined mid-tempo pace that rarely wanes. Its un-rushed vocals may seems slow to some but it was rendered perfectly so as not to drown the listener from melancholic overdose.

Dark Fields offers us an overall raw listening experience with a lot of riffs and the singerís soulful voice. Gibraltar Wreck runs at a very slow rate that would sink some records but its romantic lyricism becomes its saving grace.

Haunt Me is an atmospheric guitar ballad with Hallmark-like sentiments which makes the lyrics too wistful for their own good. Lastly, Ayam Lullaby sums up the albumís overall experience: a predictable, simple music composition and motif but a very effective style to deliver the artistís wonderful message.

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