The Return of the Backpack is as exciting as the return of the king of the elite rap lyricism. Casual and the Seattle-based, indie rap beat maker Jake One made thirteen tracks that make up, a smooth, solid album.

“Backpack” represents rappers who do not appear charming to a big audience. Casual though, wears his backpack proudly because he is rhythmically convincing and his character reverberates on every track he makes.

Clocking in at number 1 is a hard-hitting track called Father Figure, in which he talks about how hieroglyphics conquered the waves for underground rappers toward a flourishing music era.

Casual shows his adaptability on Head Jerk (Gimme Boss), which also displays Jake One’s skill to perform diverse styles of production. While They Must Know includes a mystifying background beats that works well with forceful beats and foot-tapping rap tempo.


Rock With Us exhibits horn-driven beats. With flawless lines and steady beats, this track demands the audience’s attention. In Just Like Oakland, Casual treats us with a piece of his memories from his hometown. Press play and let this talented sonic poet paint a vivid image of this city in the west coast.

A personal favorite, Times Done Changed wraps up the album with hooking, clean delivery and jazzy horns that add a funky flair.

The Return of the Backpack is a strong EP resounding to the underground hip-hop industry. Casual and Jake brims with complexity and depth to create an album that doesn’t just sound good, but also triggers the mind.

Track List:
1. Father Figure
2. Head Jerk (Gimme Boss)
3. Bartender
4. Her Lil Sister
5. They Must Not Know
6. I Wonder
7. Rock Wit Us
8. Don’t Come To The West Coast
9. Hole in One
10. Thinkin Bout My Paper
11. Enjoy Yourself
12. Just Like Oakland
13. Times Done Changed

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