Talking Ginger†from Out Fit 7 Ltd.†is a virtual pet app for the Android and iOS, and your objective here is to take care of Ginger the kitten. That means putting him to bed on time, talking to him and helping him with other tasks like shows, potty, brushing his teeth and so on. Itís really a cute app and while itís aimed at kids, even adults will fall in love with this kitten.

After you download and install the game you have the option to get notifications from Ginger and whether to turn on Child or Regular Mode. Itís a good idea to turn the notifications on as you will get a free toothpaste. Once the game has been installed, you can teach Ginger potty training and donít forget to give him a shower and then dry him off. You can talk to Ginger and youíll hear him repeat your hellos in a cute small voice.


Teaching Ginger to brush his teeth isnít that hard, but if you really want to keep things simple, turn on Child Mode. Remember, however, that youíre not limited to just caring for the kitten, though because the game has a bunch of extra features like videos, puzzles, many of which comes from other users.

One of the nice things about Ginger is that he mimics anything that he hears and it isnít just limited to your voice, so donít be surprised if you hear Ginger mimicking your keyboard and also make funny faces. In other words, Talking Ginger is a nice clean game for kids and the young at heart.

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