Fix it Felix Jr by Disney is a port of the original arcade game for the iPhone. If youíre old enough to remember the original version, downloading and playing it on your iOS again will be a lot of fun. If you have never played arcade games before, welcome to the wonderful world of 8 bit graphics.

The game setup is pretty simple: Wreck-It Ralph goes up the Niceland apartment and smashes windows along the way, and it is up to you, Fix Felix It Jr, to clean up his mess. You do this with a magical hammer and using the directional keys. This isnít as easy as it sounds because Ralph will throw bricks around. Youíre not alone though, as the apartment tenants will leave pies around that you can use to gain extra lives.


One of the differences from the original version is that you are not limited to three lives, which is great, but you have a timer to beat and if it goes off, itís game over no matter how many lives you got. Also, keep in mind that Ralph can break the windows that you have repaired, but at least the bricks Ralph throws only fall on a single screen column, not three like the original arcade game. The controls are very easy to learn, but mastering them takes time.

For these reasons, Fix it Felix Jr can be very challenging, but a lot of fun. If youíre in the mood for some old school platform fun, this is one you shouldnít pass up. Itís a great way to kill time and learn about those classic games.

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