If you feel like music has taken a dip in an infinity pool, you were probably listening to the cutesy stylings of Summer Suit.

The German duo composed of Nick Heintz and Andreas Fichtner have recently joined the realm of the indie scene, and it’s pretty clear that they’ve hit the nail right away on their first EP, Wrong Side of Town.

Dismiss their genre as electro-pop, go ahead, but these guys are as cool as the piña colada you’ll be sippin’. Come and bare your toes with this 5-track collection!

Pop ditties will welcome you immediately as the ‘play’ mode goes with the first track, “Cut Me Out“. Most likely to be compared to the recent Breathe Carolina record, those punk-like vocals used ironically on a synth backdrop seem like fries on vanilla ice cream. (Yum!)

The succeeding tracks, though, reveal who they really are: Berlin’s answer to Owl City. Whether it’s the playful “High Tide” or the crooning title track, you bet your wine coolers that this is your standard beachside fare.
summer suit members
Sunblock, please?

Track listing: 
1. Cut Me Out
2. New Skin
3. High Tide
4. Penny in the Sea
5. Wrong Side of Town

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