MEEMS by Miracles of Modern Science is like a cup of coffee that’s been slowly brewed to perfection, and then added with a shot of rum. Take a classical string section and add a twist of guitar, and you’ll get what this New York-based group’s sound, a revolution of classical music, disco, and dynamics.

Released in February 2013, this bundle of wonder boasts six masterpieces that’s sculpted with decisive curves, funky twist, and textured tempo. This complex wonder is clearly shown in the opening track, Ahem. The song opens in a lovely combo of layered vocals and ukulele and suddenly takes a shift into post-rock/classical musings with rapid drums and touches of violin.

The fun continues with Dear Pressure that plays with quirky beats and steady rock arrangement. Watch out for the sudden escalation of classical melodies, which adds variety and energy to the piece.

Don’t You See? opens in an enthralling intricate play of violin and cello strings. The song’s power stirs from its ability to control the plethora of instrument, giving ample space for the listeners to taste the flavor of each eccentric combination without giving too much on their plate.

Closing the album in an uptempo vibe is Physics is Our Business. The band gives it all out in this track. Listen and be at awe as quirky, rapid playing slowly smooths down in energetic beats, giving the listeners the perfect ending to this one-of-a-kind collection.


Music like MEEMS does not just go beyond the box, but turns the box into a circle, or perhaps, a hexagon. Evan Younger, Josh Hirshfeld, Kleran Ledwidge, Geoff McDonald, and Tyler Pines outdid themselves by proving that all you need is a brave soul and a creativity to make odd combinations work.

Track List:
1. Ahem
2. Dear Pressure
3. Breather
4. Don’t You See?
5. The Singularity
6. Physics Is Our Business

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