Ride and curl along waves of luscious electro music in bansheebeat‘s Lumine. With flavorful chiptunes infused with some ambient melodies, this nine-track collection, released via Galaxy Swim Team, is a solid case for those who enjoy the beauty of late night chilling out with good music to accompany you along the way.

First stop is Shinsekai, a surreal piece that features a background of sea waves layered over sonic samples of electro beats. Listen as the slow moving intro flows to an ensemble of bright pop melodies and energized beats.

Grab a drink or two and get ready to ease your mind and space out with Sea of Lights (feat. Ivy Hollivana). Atmospheric vocals that flutter and curl through controlled electro melodies is just what you need for a mid-week relaxation. Meanwhile, Rainy Love encapsulates grooviness with funky tunes and highly addictive electro-based hooks.

A crowd favorite, Lumine is simply a musical chef-d’oeuvre that showcases the artist’s overall vision of combining ambient music with funky chiptunes to create sonically organic pieces for easy listening.

In Lumine, bansheebeat treats listeners with some flavorful melodies that are perfect for releasing tension and worries after a tiring day.

Track List:
1. Shinsekai
2. Sea of Lights (feat. Ivy Hollivana)
3. Rainy Love
4. Biribiri
5. Zeal 1994
6. Cultural Festival Arc (feat. Sekka Yufu)
7. Stargazer
8. Lumine
9. Polestar

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