NCThompson, an American musician, officially steps into the online scene for the first time with an EP called “Another Quiet Winter.” From the title, one could easily expect an easy listening experience, perfect for a winter that is, well, quiet.

Asked about his insights on his new EP, NCThompson says, “These songs just seem connected by the loneliness of looking up and seeing nothing but a cold gray sky; when all that’s left is a longing feeling for times once passed. And as depressing as that may sound, I think there’s something to be said for the kind of emotions that such longing can inspire.”

The album, however, is not just for “winter listening.” It’s the kind of music you listen to after a long day’s work, when you want to just sit comfortably on your couch, close your eyes and zone out. I especially love “For A Million” for its relaxing beat. It’s something that I’d be happy to listen to in the evening, whether I’m simply staring at my wall and recollecting the events of the day or reading some fiction from my side table collection, just minutes before I doze off to dreamland. The notes dance to your heartbeat and create a soothing atmosphere for a day’s end. I’d recommend this music to anyone who needs the perfect theme for a long quiet moment — for inspiration, meditation, or a background audio for spa massages.

“Another Quiet Winter” is distributed by Soft Phase, distributor of freely downloadable, Creative Commons licensed music online.

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