Waze is a navigation and mapping app that is powered by its community, now over 40 million strong. Created by Waze Inc, you will get traffic updates in real time, and you will also get road alerts. It’s got Facebook integration too and as a free app, it’s one of the most feature packed among all navigation apps available today.

The app is designed mainly for driving, so there aren’t any directions for walking. What makes this app so popular is the huge database that is being updated constantly. With millions of users who are always updating the database and maps, you will never be out of date. While there’s a lot of info provided, Waze does a good job in assessing and organizing the content.

If you are driving and there’s a road closure due to construction, Waze will inform you. Turn restrictions, one way streets are accurately represented. Another nice thing about Waze is the accuracy of the incident and traffic data, so if the app says there’s traffic on a particular road, then odds are there is.

When you are driving, Waze will update you if there are incidents up ahead or if it is within your radius. Aside from incidents, accidents and slow traffic will also be reported. You will also be notified if there are speed cameras or police around. The app will provide these updates even if you don’t choose a destination, so it’s really useful.

And by uploading your own data you’ll be contributing to the community. It is a very powerful app, is frequently updated and it’s free. If you’re always getting stuck in traffic, give this a try.

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