Pale Houses‘ self-titled album paints remarkable aural landscapes, making plenty of room for a thrilling sonic performance. Released last July 30, this four-track set showcases the skills of Ryan Rayborn (drums), Aaron Robinson (vocals, guitar), Joshua Hood (guitar, lap steel), and Aaron Yung (bass, guitar). The album also features Patrick Dampier on synths and noise.

The Nashville-based band opens the collection with Wayward Sire. Soak up your ears with some impeccable guitar strums, lap steels, and slow, steady melodies. Aaron Robinson’s mastery of vocal restraint gives power to the song as he only belts out in all the right places.

Happy Lives traverses the downtempo boulevard with rhythmic acoustic guitars and spacey, atmospheric arrangement. Rest your weary feet, sip a glass of vino, and bask in the calmness and warmth of this track.

In Go, the brand treats us with a whimsical blend of booming drums and fluttering chimes. Though a peculiar combination, the arrangement perfectly works for the song as it evokes a relaxing, carefree vibe.

The Photo Line closes the album in ambient rock hues reminiscent of Coldplay or Snow Patrol. This closing track encapsulates Pale Houses‘ low-fi, indie rock leaning as the melodies pauses, pulses, and reverberates into perfection.

Whether you’re an indie rock aficionado or just someone who appreciate chill, good music, Pale Houses is a must-download album that assures a pleasurable sonic journey.

Track List:
1. Wayward Sire
2. Happy Lives
3. Go
4. The Photo Line

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