Pale Houses

Pale Houses‘ self-titled album paints remarkable aural landscapes, making plenty of room for a thrilling sonic performance. Released last July 30, this four-track set showcases the skills of Ryan Rayborn (drums), Aaron Robinson (vocals, guitar), Joshua Hood (guitar, lap steel), and Aaron Yung (bass, guitar). The album also features Patrick Dampier on synths and noise.

Aidan Knight: Versicolour

Aidan Knight's music is like listening to a mash-up of Coldplay and Damien Rice. For a long while, the singer/songwriter has been contributing his skills to various bands, playing anything from bass to hardcore drums. For Versicolour though, he showcases a more laid-back acoustic indie folk side that is both soothing and melancholic. Accompanied with soft guitars and an equally emotional voice, the tracks are perfect for lazy afternoons, heartbreaks or just quiet moments where you feel like reminiscing about the many things in your life.


Once in a while , you come across a band that you just know has that special sound that could make it big if given the right amount of exposure. Popcult is one such band. This four piece crew is comprised of Justin Renaud, Tyler Venter, Alex Halvorson and Brandon Proff. Discreetly titled, 2011, this is the first EP for the group and they're offering it for free in exchange for an email address. It's a pretty good deal since you get a great set of polished indie pop rock tracks that's charming and easy to listen to.

Tough Lovers: Exits.

What initially started out as a solo project for Jamie Smail quickly turned into a collective. Luckily, the rapport between the members paid off and Tough Lovers has produced a compilation that is both endearing and catchy. Other members of the band include Graham, Dane and Ryan. This Canadian four-piece proudly produce stellar indie pop rock tracks that will get your head swaying and your feet tapping from the beat. If you want something laid-back and easy to listen to, you can't go wrong with giving this one a listen. The boys are offering this EP as a free download over at their BandCamp site.

Chasing Mars: EP

There's a new comer in cool indie camp and it seems like their ready to stay for a while. Just like it's galactic-sounding name, Chasing Mars' new EP offers an out-of-this-world musical experience in rich proportions. Hailing from Chicago, the band is composed of Neven Armic, Sean Goes, Sam Brown and Justin Schmidt. Describing their sound as the bastard love child of The Flaming Lips, Radiohead and Coldplay, this independent group will conveniently fill any electro-rock void.

Republic of Letters: Stories

A family business? Almost. Republic of Letters was originally created by two brothers, Chris Venti (vocals, guitar) and Nick Venti (drums) all the way back in 2005. Since than however, the band saw an addition of some great talent and eventually, with the help of Martin Niwinski (bass, guitar) and Adrian Thorstensen (guitar), developed it's own sonic experience. Combining the bits and pieces of Brit pop beats and alternative-rock sounds the band's latest album Stories makes for a great free release. So get it while it lasts!

Lungs For Gills: One Man & Thousand Ghosts

Listening to Lungs for Gills feels like you are walking on a frost filled morning with nothing but the beautiful sound of nature and silence to accompany you. That may sound weird, but this four piece group certainly knows how to create an ethereal mood. The band hails from Quebec City and formed during the winter of 2010. Maybe it was the cold weather, but these guys definitely got something to be proud of. One Man & Thousand Ghosts feature songs that contain sweet lyrics, emotional vocals and lovely melodies. There are some that border on the rock edge but still has a sweet touch to it. Of course, the recording isn't as crisp as you'd expect from pros, nevertheless it adds a delicate rawness that makes the band even more endearing. Check out their tracks.

The New Economy: To Wake Up From a Dreamless Sleep

The New Economy is a three piece indie rock band from Germany that play music like they have been listening to a list of A-list indie Brit rockers all their life. They conjure up a mixture of danceable, catchy, and rockish tracks which is capped off with Brit sounding vocals. To Wake Up From a Dreamless Sleep is the trio's second full-length and most recent record. It comes with 9 easily likable tracks that are both dancy and even melodic in places.