Groove to alternative electro songs in Mad Rapture‘s Rubicon, an eleven-track collection that boasts variety, uniqueness, and experimentation. Utilizing cuts, samples, and interspersed vocals, the duo creates an eccentric feast that boasts new flavors to satiate your hunger for new sound.

Burn It Down opens the collection with reverberating electro beats that’s interwoven with pop rock vocal samples. With sharp-edged tunes and grunge, this piece perfectly plays in between texture and flow.

The Ways We Love (Get Stranger) derives its power from its minimal yet haunting production shrouded with subtle beats and rhythmic, trippy pauses. The quirky sonic framework supports the soulful vocals that beautifully flow in a carefree manner.

In Changeless, Mad Rapture opens up a universe of atmospheric melodies that are punctuated with hand-clapping rhythms. Soothing layered vocals that comes in waves add just the right amount of control and grace to the arrangement.


Celebrating soul and out-of-the-box experimentation, Sunshine features Mad Rapture’s own interpretation of The Temptations‘ classic hit, I Got Sunshine. Samples from the original song are cut, interspersed and laid over a canvass of some quirky bass plucking.

Mad Rapture‘s sound is highly experimental that categorizing it into one genre is quite a hard feat. However, what surface out after listening to Rubicon is the duo’s ability and courage to reinvent things, adding and eliminating elements to create one-of-a-kind tracks.

Track List:
1. Burn It Down
2. The Ways We Love (Get Stranger)
3. Middle Of The Sea
4. Changeless
5. Sunshine
6. Two Steps
7. Wiseman 1
8. Sirens
9. Paper Crown
10. The World is Ours
11. At Last

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